Best Wedding Destinations In NSW, Australia


People spend a lot of time deciding their perfect wedding music and the wedding band that should play at their wedding. However, what’s much more important than the wedding music and the wedding band is the wedding destination you decide to get married in. New South Wales has a lot of ideal locations. You can have a traditional venue or a venue with a view of the water. No matter what you choose, NSW has the best wedding destinations in Australia. Sydney offers many wonderful wedding venues and Sydney is also good for having a bucks night party with lots of activities going on. The following are some destinations you should take a look at –


  • Cropley House

A Pride and Prejudice like setting can turn any wedding into a nostalgic and traditional affair. Many couples dream of getting married at such a spot and the Cropley House is just that. It was built sometime in the 1920s and the location speaks elegance inside out. The bridal retreat can be reached by a majestic staircase while the Elizabeth room will make your wedding dreams come true. For an even grander ambience, you can choose the Victoria room with its lush drapes and beautiful ornate gilded mirrors.


  • Catalina Restaurant

This restaurant is on the Sydney Harbor’s shores and what better view could you ask for? The service is extremely professional and efficient but more than that, the food of this restaurant is exquisite. It was listed in the Food Guide of Sydney Good Morning Herald in 2009. The restaurant has a layout that is so versatile that you can imagine any number of wedding scenarios, no matter how modern or traditional. You also get to enjoy the services of a professional wedding coordinator at Catalina who ensures that your wedding goes perfectly.


  • Curzon Hall

Are you one of those people who have always dreamed of getting a fairytale wedding, complete with a castle? Then choose Curzon Hall as your wedding destination because nothing can compare to the magical feeling of getting married at this brilliant venue. The structure is so detailed and ornate, and the square turret so traditional that it will take your mind back to the movie wedding venues of old films that were conducted in historical settings.


  • Ripples, Sydney Wharf

This structure is stunningly modern, made from glass, and anyone can imagine how beautiful your wedding pictures are going to be. The food is exquisite and the waterfront location is peaceful and serene. Overall, this is the spot where you truly believe that everything is perfect.

All these above options should be on your final list for the ideal wedding destination.

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